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What do you mean by reels in slot machines

What do you mean by reels in slot machines

1scasino and other online casinos use virtual slot machines. These come in different themes and have different music, lighting, fonts, pictures, graphics and more. These slot machines have 5 reels or 3 reels and one may wonder what is meant by it. Physical slot machines too use reels. To a non player, the term would be confusing. However, the origin and the development of reels as well as the underlying principal remains the same whether it is a physical casino or an online one.

The slot machines used to initially have mechanical reels which would display the result and upon the visuals of the reel, the result could be judged. The slot machines earlier had 5 reels though later three reel machines got really popular. Most of these reels had 10 symbols on them.


In three reel machines there are however only 1000 possible combinations as the combinations could be 103 if there are 10 symbols on each reel. Due to this, 3 reel machines do not have large jackpots attached, as even if it is the rarest event, still it means 0.1% so theoretically the payout could be 1000 times the bet but it also means that there would be no room for other payouts. So this makes the machine risky and boring. It is for that reason the symbols were increased to 22 but then that too had the size of the jackpot being limited.

These mechanical reels however, could not have more than a certain number of figures or stops on it – due to the sheer size of the reel which would be needed. However, now in online casinos, a virtual reel has 256 stops in a real and so even if the bet is $1 the jackpot could be a million dollars.


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